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The GUESS retail environment has found a familiar home in both freestanding stores and in in-store shops in some of the world's most prestigious malls and department stores.

GUESS retail stores embody the GUESS image and bring trend setting style to cities around the globe. Various GUESS product collections, exhibited in uniquely designed settings, create a visually pleasing and functional experience for shoppers. The design elements incorporate simplicity in its features, clean architectural lines, and expressive lighting. These imaginative retail spaces blend a visual sampling of signature GUESS images with practical store design.

Guess has numerous stores located in 85 countries outside the U.S. and Canada. The Guess Jeans stores are most often with a linear design and incorporate women’s and men’s denim walls in classic GUESS red and illuminated GUESS logos to create a focal point that immediately catches the eye from outside the store.  Denim is stylishly arranged and folded or displayed on steel frames to highlight the fits on offer each season. 


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The Mall, Sofia The Mall, Sofia See Bulgaria Mall, Sofia Bulgaria Mall, Sofia See Delta Planet Mall, Varna Delta Planet Mall, Varna See Paradise Center, Sofia Paradise Center, Sofia See Serdika Center, Sofia Serdika Center, Sofia See


The Mall, Sofia

Аddress: The Mall, 115 Tsarigrasko Shose Blvd., Sofia
Теl.: +359 893 695 252
Working Hours: Monday - Sunday 10 am - 10 pm 

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Bulgaria Mall, Sofia

Аddress: Bulgaria Mall, 69 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia  
Теl.: +359 894 590 391
Working Hours: Monday - Sunday 10 am- 9 pm

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Delta Planet Mall, Varna

Address: Delta Planet Mall, 185 Slivnitza Blvd.,Varna
Tel.: +359 892 206 379
Working Hours: Monday - Sunday 10 am - 10 pm

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Paradise Center, Sofia

Аddress: Paradise Center, 100 Cherni vruh Blvd., Sofia  
Теl.: +359 879 195 570
Working Hours: Monday - Sunday 10 am- 10 pm 


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Serdika Center, Sofia

Аddress: Serdika Center, 48 Sitniakovo Blvd., Sofia
Теl.: +359 893 351 435
Working Hours: Monday - Sunday 10 am- 10 pm 

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